Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club From MTV Reality Show is Completely Deserted

Lindsay Lohan‘s beach club is no longer the heart of the party scene in Mykonos … it’s completely deserted and looks like an eerie ghost town. 

Check out these pics of what was once the fabulous Lohan Beach House on the picturesque Greek island — but the only people partying there now are construction workers. Or more like deconstruction workers.

This glamorous scene was once where LiLo shot her MTV reality show, “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” … but a rep for Lindsay, Anna Rothchild, tells us she’s canceling the show after its inaugural season.

As you can see … the rows and rows of cabanas, beach chairs and umbrellas that once covered the landscape have disappeared, leaving behind nothing but sand. The images are from May, according to the person who snapped the pics.

All traces of Lindsay are pretty much gone as well … the iconic sign with the Lohan Beach House logo has been removed, and the backdrop full of succulents just looks desert dead. 

It definitely ain’t Insta-worthy these days. 

While Lindsay’s closing up shop in Mykonos after less than a year of operation … the actress says she’s planning on opening a new location in Athens.

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