Julian Edelman Shuts Down NY Jets Heckler In Front of Odell, Saquon


You think New England Patriots star Julian Edelman is gonna just sit there and be quiet when some jerk NY Jets fan is running his mouth talking smack?!?!


Jules calmly fired back at the Jets heckler Monday night with a truth bomb — and shut the guy down right in front of Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley!!

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So, here’s the deal … the NFL stars were all leaving a post-Met Gala party at the Standard Line Hotel in New York … when some guy started trashing the NY Giants when he saw Saquon and Odell. 

The heckler told the group, “Saquon, sorry buddy, [I’m a] Jets fan!”

That’s when Edelman walked right up to the guy and explained, “I’m a Jets fan too. Every time we play ’em, we win.”


It’s true, ever since Edelman joined the Pats back in 2009, his team has a 16-5 record against the Jets … complete domination. 

Anyway, Edelman and his NFL pals continued to have a great night — while the Jets fan was forced to sit and think about how they’re probably gonna suck again in 2019. 

Good night for Edelman, huh?!

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